How We Work

We believe in the power of collaboration and ethical practices. That's why we work closely with our partners to ensure every piece is crafted with care and attention to detail. Read all about how we work and our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices here.

Our Design Philosophy

At STYGR, we're proud to call the Netherlands our home base. And that sense of groundedness and Dutch practicality infuses everything we do. From our mentality to our methods, we blend comfortable functionality with modern luxury in every design.

Small quantities, big impact

We're well aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the environment, which is why we're committed to doing things differently. We produce our pieces in small quantities, which not only reduces waste but also adds to their exclusivity. 

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Join the STYGR Squad

Are you ready to join our STYGR squad? Our designs are not just clothes, they're an expression of individuality and conscious fashion. We believe in empowering our customers to embrace their uniqueness and make a bold statement in a (better) world of fashion! ♥