The Bomber Jacket

While bomber jackets grace the streets more than ever, our bombers stand out in a league of their own. Since launching our bomber jacket label in 2020, their popularity has skyrocketed.
But what makes them so special?


The STYGR jacket is not the average bomber jacket. With elongated and wide sleeves that create the captivating balloon sleeve effect, each jacket boasts a unique silhouette. Another signature feature is the meticulously stitched-on pockets, adding an exclusive touch to the bomber jacket's style. Additionally, we've introduced side pockets and incorporated push buttons onto the stitched-on pockets to our collection for added convenience.

Each bomber jacket comes with a signature lilac lining that adds a touch of extra happy vibes. Alongside this standout feature, every jacket is equipped with a premium YKK zipper for unparalleled quality.

For Timeless Wardrobes

Our timeless collections can be mixed and matched for years to come, and because we produce our clothing in small batches, we're able to avoid overproduction. This also makes for limited collections, which adds to each bomber jackets exclusivity.

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